1-2-1 peer support

What is peer support?

Peer support is an effective approach to mental health recovery.  People who live with their own mental health challenges and who have experience of mental health services, support other people who live with mental health challenges.

Who are Peer Support Specialists?

Our Peer Support Specialists are all professionally trained, employed, supervised and supported to offer peer support. We all have experience of living with mental health issues, and believe wholeheartedly in recovery.  We do the work we do because we want to empower other people to make positive changes in their lives too.

What do Peer Support Specialists offer you?

We would usually provide up to 10 free sessions of 1-2-1 peer support but we have lost our funding in East Sussex. The can take place wherever you feel most comfortable. We will help you talk through your experiences, and listen to you as an equal, without judgement. We value your experience and will share our own experiences of recovery with you. We explore possibilities and choices with you, inspire hope and trust, and will always treat you with respect and dignity.

We advise doing a recovery plan (this is a way of looking at your life and making plans for the future) but we can also simply support you with your choices.

How will peer support benefit you?

You will be accepted, encouraged and motivated. We will help you identify the changes you want to make in your life and work together to make these happen. We will help you find your power to recover and your pathway to living life the way you want to.

To find out more, or to talk to us about getting peer support contact our Peer Support Co-ordinator: Sorry no longer available
Tel or text:

See a sample version of our leaflet. 

If you live in East Sussex Sorry no longer available.  and want to request peer support for yourself or another person please complete this form .

What people say

“Peer Support has helped me talk more about mental health and open up more. This has helped me contribute to society.”
“My confidence has improved a lot. Thank you.”
“Peer support has kept me in a calmer place – I learned to ask for the right help.  It has stopped me needing to contact the mental health team to discuss things”
“I would definitely recommend peer support”