Our Values

Recovery Partners is committed to a set of values that underpins all of our work:

Accountability – we are open, accountable and responsive to all of our stakeholders. We believe that all our service users, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders have the right to influence and improve our services. To this end we regularly undertake service evaluation and hold user groups and stakeholder meetings, taking feedback to continue developing what we offer.

Communication – we believe in honest, open dialogue, by listening to each other and making sure all our stakeholders know how they cancommunicate with us.

Diversity – we acknowledge and value the differences between and within communities. We actively work towards understanding and removing barriers to our services that may exist. We aim to reflect our communities’ diversity in our services and to celebrate the strengths of our differences.

Empowerment – we believe that people with lived mental health challenges who are on their own recovery pathways are uniquely placed to support and inspire others. We offer support for our service users to develop skills and knowledge to make positive choices.

We also believe meaningful, fairly paid employment to be one of the key factors in recovery, and are proud that all of our Peer Support Specialists are Recovery Partners employees.

Respect – we value the contribution of each individual and treat everyone with respect. We work towards ending the stigma of mental ill-health, and work in partnership with others to do this with integrity, creativity and imagination.

Quality – we strive to provide quality, cost-effective services. We monitor and evaluate our work so that we can continually improve what we do.